Quality Lower-Back Pain Treatment in New York City

It is estimated that about 80 percent of Americans suffer from back pain at one time or another, and that about 22 million Americans seek chiropractic care each year from a professional, nearly 35 percent of which are seeking relief for back pain. Chronic or acute low back pain can eat away at your quality of life and keep from you doing the things you love, but only if you let it. NYClowbackpain.com offers our friends and neighbors in New York City a full suite of back pain treatment services so they can get back to being their active and vibrant selves. Call us today at 646-647-3248 or book your appointment online today.

Our staff is comprised of leading doctors and clinical experts in the field of back pain treatment, and we utilize the latest and most cutting-edge care methods. Whether you need expert chiropractic care, physical therapy or acupuncture, our professionals are ready to help you overcome your debilitating back pain. NYClowbackpain.com treats a wide variety of back-pain conditions, including:

  • Herniated or Slipped Disc
  • Sciatica
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Scoliosis
  • Spinal Issues and Much More

We accept most major insurances, including Cigna, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield and more, and we offer state-of-the-art care right at our centralized Broadway office in Manhattan’s NoMad neighborhood. Come by and see us today.

In addition to back pain, our experienced and qualified team treats a full range of pain-related ailments, such as neck pain, knee pain, age-related chronic pain, arthritis and so much more. We understand that our patients come to us because they want to able to live their lives free of the pain that inhibits their daily routines. Whether it’s holding a grandchild, running through the park, or simply walking around New York City’s busy streets, you deserve to do what you want to do without having pain disrupt your life. The professionals at NYClowbackpain.com are ready to help you effectively manage your low back pain so you can start living again. Call us at 646-647-3248 or book your appointment online today. We very much look forward to treating you.

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